What is a Community Plan...
and how does it relate to Foresthill?
Placer County has a General Plan approved by the Board of Supervisors
which is the master
blueprint for the way county residents, county
officials and planning staff would like to see the county grow and develop.
The plan is usually evaluated and revised every 10 years.  A general plan
is a legal document, required by state law, that serves as a
for land use and development.  

Placer County required an update to the 1981 Foresthill General Plan
because it was out of compliance with the county's General Plan.  Seven
local residents were appointed to the Foresthill Divide Communty Plan
Team in 1992 to update the existing community plan.  The Foresthill
Divide Community Plan (FHDCP) and its Draft Environmental Impact
Report (DEIR) were presented to the community in September, 2003.  
The plan area was increased from 56 square miles based on the 1981
Foresthill General Plan to 109 square miles under the proposed Foresthill
Divide Community Plan.  The total public land in the new plan area is 63.7
square miles.  Unfortunately, due to a misinterpretation of the proposed
FHDCP, and a lack of clear understanding about the land use designation
PD - Planned Development, controversy occurred within the community
over the various zoning changes.

After several public meetings and a signed petition (Forum Petition) from
many members of the community, it was suggested that the proposed plan  
revert back to the old plan with some changes to the downtown vicinity
and support of the Plan Team's recommendations with respect to Forest
Ranch (i.e. 533 dwelling units).  Furthermore, the county agreed to hear
property owner's requests for additional zoning changes.  Approximately
60-70 property owners submitted requests for changes.
On November 30, 2005, the community was notified that all previously
proposed general plan amendments were no longer valid and that a new
"re-circulated" Foresthill Divide Community Plan (FHDCP) with an
approximate build-out population of 22,600 would be released in June or
July of 2006.  Additionally, the Forest Ranch General Plan Amendment
and Rezoning Request with an approximate build-out population of 4,000
people would be included in that same "re-circulated" FHDCP Draft
Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) as an "option" and further
information would become available once the "re-circulated" FHDCP
Draft Environmental Impact Report was released.
What can YOU do?
  • Become informed...
    attend community
    meetings (i.e. the
    Forum, Supervisor
    Kranz's Coffee Klatch,
    Foresthill PUD, etc.)

  • Ask questions...don't
    believe everything you
    read or hear.
  • Question their
    answers...by restating
    the answers and
    checking the facts.

  • Speak your mind...
    during the Public
    Comment section of the
    agenda at any and all
    public meetings...one
    sentence will do!
    "There is nothing as powerful as an informed public to keep our
    elected officials on the straight and narrow.   Sometimes we, and
    they, forget  that they are elected by us to work FOR us and not
    the other way around."
                                                                             H. S.

"Rumor travels faster, but it don't stay put as long as truth."
                                                     Will Rogers
IMPORTANT:  Please email or write the Planning Department and
request that the Public Comment period for the "re-circulated" FHDCP
DEIR be extended for 90 days.  Mistakes have been made in the
past and now a Forest Ranch "option" has been added.  It takes time
to review the report and understand all aspects!  Thank you.
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