The information disclosed on this webpage was gathered
from the Forest Ranch Draft Environmental Impact Report
(DEIR), May 2004, as well as other outside sources which we
have referenced for your convenience.  
Forest Ranch Facts
  • 2,600 +/- acres lying east,
    west and north of Foresthill

  • Three proposed access roads
    onto Foresthill Road...two at
    the east end of town and
    Yankee Jim's Road (1).

  • More than 4,000 vehicles will
    converge daily into downtown
    Foresthill (see Trip Generation
    chart below).
  • Currently zoned for 591
    dwelling units, Forest Ranch
    is requesting 2,213 units.

  • Forest Ranch DEIR proposes
    271 units @ 1 dwelling unit
    (du)/acre; 334 units @ 2
    du/acre; 698 units @ 3
    du/acre; 448 units @ 4
    du/acre; 396 units @ 6
    du/acre; and an additional
    66 units on 2.3 - 5 acres (2).
    "Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a
    whole lot easier'n puttin' it back."  
    Will Rogers
Forest Ranch Proposed Trip Generation *
    Note:  Because one trip equals one way, the Net
    External Site Project Trips of 8,359 (divided by 2)
    implies that 4,179 vehicles will travel from and return
    to the project daily.
IMPORTANT:  Please email or
write the
Planning Department
and request that the Public
Comment period for the
"re-circulated" FHDCP DEIR be
extended for 90 days.  Mistakes
have been made in the past and
now a Forest Ranch "option" has
been added.  It takes time to
review the report and understand
all aspects!  Thank you.
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