"If you're riding' ahead of the herd, take a look back
    every now and then to make sure it's still there."   
    Will Rogers
Supervisor Kranz gave us many promises
during the election when he wanted our vote.
He now needs to fulfill those promises to us, the
voters, by opposing "development that clogs our
roads and hurts our quality of life".
Many changes are coming to Foresthill that
could affect you personally.  As a resident or
property owner of Foresthill, please email, write
or call
Supervisor Kranz and express your
concerns about:

Act now, and let your voice be heard
  • Overwhelming development.
  • Possibility of additional bond
    expense to cover needed     
    improvements for waste
    disposal, schools, etc.
  • Strain to the existing domestic
    water system.
  • Road system that might not
    be able to handle the traffic
    volume with over 22,600
    residents (not  including
    Forest Ranch).
  • Ever-increasing fire danger
    due to growth and impact to
    the road.
IMPORTANT:  Please email or write
Planning Department and
request that the Public Comment
period for the "re-circulated" FHDCP
DEIR be extended for 90 days.  
Mistakes have been made in the
past and now a Forest Ranch
"option" has been added.  It takes
time to review the report and
understand all aspects!  Thank you.
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