Water Facts
  • Foresthill Public Utility District (FPUD) was
    formed in 1950.  

  • Sugar Pine Dam was completed January
    1, 1984.  Prior to this date, water was
    collected and diverted from many
    sources, i.e. springs, creeks, wells, mine
    shafts, etc.

  • In 2003, FPUD acquired Sugar Pine Dam  
    in a purchase agreement with the Federal

  • Currently FPUD serves approx. 1,781
    homes and businesses.  

  • Population within FPUD boundary is
    approximately 5,800 residents.

  • Remember the drought in the mid-
    seventies?  FPUD was forced to pump
    water out of Paragon mine owned by
    Malcom Glover because almost all other
    sources dried up!

  • There are, and will continue to be,
    Federal and State MANDATED fishery-
    related water releases even if there is  
    Regardless of the increased need for
    residential or business consumption,
    these MANDATED releases will continue.
    The State and Federal Government have
    prior claims to a certain amount of water
    (salmon/steelhead habitat, for example)
    regardless of actual amounts of supply.
  • Raising the radial gates to hold more
    water does not equate to a simple
    calculation of an increase in acre feet (1
    acre surface area times 1 foot deep  
    equals 1 acre foot).  Sugar Pine's current
    capacity is approximately 7,000 acre
    feet.  There is a factor called DRY YIELD
    that requires an engineering study to find
    the actual available water which may
    result from increasing reservoir capacity
    by raising radial gates.  This study has
    not been done yet.

  • While the holding capacity of Sugar Pine
    is 6,922 acre feet at full pool, in reality
    the average yield of the resource (50%
    above and 50% below) is plus or minus
    4,500 acre feet.

  • There is an area outside of FPUD
    boundaries called sphere of influence
    area.  Forest Ranch's proposed
    increased development area (i.e. more
    homes, golf course, RV park, etc.) are in
    the sphere of influence area.  This means
    that FPUD is not obligated at this time to
    supply Forest Ranch with additional water
    than the current zoning demands.  To get
    water service from FPUD, Forest Ranch
    will be required to get FPUD Board
    approval for annexation into FPUD
    "Always drink upstream from the herd."
    Will Rogers
Sugar Pine Reservoir,
Our ONLY water supply
Gateway To The Sierra
Coming Soon...

Currently, Sugar Pine
Reservoir is a balanced
ecosystem...and so is